Satellite Foraging Bowls

Satellite Foraging Bowls
Item# AI05943

The Satellite Foraging Bowl will stimulate this natural behavior by providing multiple small feeding stations in different spots throughout the cage. Install several feeding stations to provide more foraging opportunities. Your bird will benefit from the exercise of climbing from Bowl to Bowl, while engaging in the natural activity of foraging. A happy, healthy bird is a foraging bird.

The Satellite Foraging Bowl is designed to be installed by inserting it between the cage bars from the outside or inside of the cage. This innovative design allows the Satellite Foraging Bowl to be attached to or removed from the cage in seconds without the use of tools or hardware. This provides infinite flexibility in food bowl placement, while allowing you to instantly remove them for cleaning.

Fits between bars spaced 11/16 inches - 1 1/4 inches (18mm - 31mm).

The Satellite Foraging Bowl is the most innovative foraging tool and is endorsed by Dr. Greg Burkett, Board Certified Avian Veterinarian, who also worked closely with Avian Innovations in its design and development.