Stands & Gyms

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You should supply your bird with an area outside of its cage where he can exercise and play. There are several different styles made from many different materials. When choosing a play gym make sure that the height of the top perch is no higher than your chest-level. Choose one with perches that are comfortable and easy for your bird to grip. Choose one that is easy to clean. Also consider its mobility if you are planning to use it in different rooms. You may even need more than one out of cage perch.

Birdie Tip: Exercise in an important factor in keeping your bird healthy. You should provide ample opportunity for this activity. Offering a playgym is a good start. Also providing a knotted, free-swinging rope will encourage active play. Regularly make your bird flap its wings for a few seconds to a couple of minutes to stimulate the cardiovascular system. If your bird begins to breath heavy with its beak open after a short period, your should discontinue the exercise and make an appointment with an avian veterinarian.

Bird Brain Information: Cardiac output has been estimated to be about several times greater in a flying budgerigar than in a man at maximum exercise.