Avian Health Care

Avian Health Care
This is a collection of products chosen to help keep your bird healthy. Successful preventative health maintenance requires a good diet, regular visits to the avian veterinarian, and a clean environment. This is a collection of items that will help prepare you for those avian health issues that occur.

Avian First Aid DVD
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AviStraintFirst Aid Kit For Birds
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Harrison's Avian Enzyme 2oz
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If your bird is on a good pellet diet, there is generally no need for supplementation. On occasion, the need for supplementation arises, in which cases the correct supplement is vital to the treatment success. Follow the recommendations of your avian veterinarian before adding supplements to a pellet diet.
Birdie Tip: Providing your bird with full-spectrum lighting is an important part of maintaining a healthy, happy bird. Full-spectrum light provides the UV light that is important in converting compounds into Vitamin D, making it useful for the body. Sunlight through glass does not provide the UV light because it is filtered by the glass. A good substitution is to allow your bird outside in natural sunlight for 20- 30 minutes per day.
Bird Brain Information: The oil produced in the preen gland of most birds contains a precursor to Vitamin D. The oil is spread over the body when preening. The UV light converts the compounds into usable forms, which are then ingested during preening.