Blue-headed Pionus

Blue-headed Pionus
Item# bluehpion

Pionus menstruus

Length: 11 inches

Weight: 200-225 grams

Life span: 30-35 years

Age at Weaning: 10-12 weeks

Age at Maturity: ~2-3 years

Country of Origin: Costa Rica, Bolivia, and Central Brazil

Temperament: They are wonderful for first-time pet owners, or those who want to graduate to a larger bird. Pionus are ideal family birds, since they may be handled by several people and maintain their sweet disposition. They are not noisy birds and do not chew excessively, making them appropriate for apartment dwellers or thos concerned about noise. Blue-Headed Pionus are typically more shy around new people than the Maximillian's, but are otherwise very similar.

Talking Ability: Good

Noise Level: Low

Cage Requirements: 24" x 24"; bar spacing 5/8" to 3/4"

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