Brown-headed Parrot

Brown-headed Parrot
Item# browpar

Poicephalus cyptoxanthus

Length 9 inches

Weight 115 - 125 grams

Life Span 20-25 years

Incubation 22 days

Age at Weaning 12 weeks

Age at Maturity 2 years

Country of Origin Southeastern Africa

Natural Habitat Sparsely wooded savannas and trees along riverbanks

Description Green body and wings with yellow underwing covertys, brown head and neck, eyes are dark in young birds but lighten to yellow as the bird eraches adulthood

Temperament These small parrots can talk, are not very noisey, and can learn to perform tricks, They make good family pets and enjoy being handled. their palyful nature makes the hightly entertaining both in and out of their cage. They should be provided with plenty of toys and a well-stocked playpen for time out of the cage. Brown-headed parrots are well suited for apartment living due to their quiet nature and relatively small size.

Talking Ability Moderate talking, and good at sound mimicing and whistles.

Noise Level Low

Cage Requirements 20" x 24" with 5/8" or 3/4" bar spacing

Interesting Facts This bird is very similar to the Senegal parrot, as with all of the other Poicephalus. Each one has a different colored head, hence the name Piocepehalus (different, head). The Senegal has a grey head, the Brown-headed has a brown head. Both have a light green body, with yellow under wings.