Carriers and Travel Cages

Always travel with your bird in an appropriate carrier. Your bird will feel safer and and be safer. Something could frighten your bird and he may suddenly leap and fly from his perch. Predators are also a problem for birds that are not safe in a cage. Predators include cats, dogs, and birds of prey such as hawks.

Carriers are necessary for visits to see your avian veterinarian or traveling any place else. Your bird's carrier should be clean, with a clean perch and towel inside, and ready to go in case of an emergency. this will save precious time so you will not have to prepare the carrier when your bird has an emergency.

Your bird should have its own carrier and not be forced to share a carrier with another pet. If all of your pets have to leave at once, how could they if you have only one carrier. In addition, it is necessary to disinfect it between pets.

Birdie Tip: Put a perch in your bird's travel carrier. Your bird will be more comfortable perching and will feel more secure when being moved around. The best perches for this are the cholla wood, other rough textured natural woods, and pedicure perches. These are easier for your bird to grip securely.

Bird Brain Information: Migratory birds accomplish amazing feats of long distance travel. Swallows migrating between Europe and Africa must fly 50 hours over the Sierra without resting. The Arctic Tern Flies from pole to pole.