Item# cockatiel

Nymphicus hollandicus

Length 10-13 inches

Weight 85-100 grams

Life span 15-20 years

Incubation 21 days

Age at weaning 8 weeks

Age at maturity 9 months- 1 year

Country of origin Australia

Natural habitat Light forest and grasslands

Description Broad, powdery feathers; head crest which can be raised and lowered; wide variety of colors: normal is gray with a yellow head and orange cheek patches; mature males and females are sexually dimorphic, the yellow and orange head of the male is much brighter than the females, and the underside of the female's tail is barred.

Temperament: The cockatiel is a an almost perfect beginner's bird. They are gentle and docile, and have a friendly personality. Males can become good talkers and whistlers, and are more independent than females. Females tend to be quieter, more affectionate and often are more acrobatic. These birds are a good choice for children and also adapt well to the busy lifestyle of a working owner. They make wonderful pets without the time requirements and behavioral problems of the larger parrots.

Talking ability: Males, good; Females, poor

Noise level: Moderate to low

Cage requirements: 20 x 20"; with 1/2" or 5/8" bar spacing

Interesting facts: The cockatiel differs from other birds in it's feather pigments. It lacks the modifiers of black pigments to produce blue coloration, and yellow pigments for green coloration. Therefore, preventing blue and green color varieties in cockatiels.