Congo African Grey Parrot

Congo African Grey Parrot
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Psittacus erithacus

Length 14 inches


Life span 40-50 years

Incubation 28 days

Age at weaning 14-16 weeks

Age at maturity 3-4 years

Country of origin Equatorial Africa

Natural habitat Forested plains. Birds go on foraging excursions to sparsely wooded savannas and to open country. Their distribution is largely identical to the range of the African oil palm, the fruit of which forms the bulk of the bird's diet.

Description Overall color is varying shades gray; bare skin patch around eyes; eyes of young birds are gray, but change to grayish-yellow in adulthood.

Temperament The African Grey is extremely intelligent, perhaps topping all other parrots in it's ability to learn new things throughout a lifetime. Adult greys are considered shy and introverted, and usually bond with only one person, being aloof with everyone else. They are also one of the most rigid and pattern oriented of all parrots, being keenly observant and sensitive to the slightest change in routine. Excellent talkers and mimics, these birds can accurately imitate specific human voices and household noises such as the doorbell, telephone, or microwave. As very empathetic and emotional birds, greys have distinct personalities and can be demanding of their owner's time and attention.

Talking ability Excellent

Noise level Moderate

Cage requirements 24 x 24 inches; bar spacing 3/4" Or 1"

Interesting facts There is still some controversy over whether the African Grey parrot is merely a superb mimic, or truly understands some of what it says. These birds possess an uncanny knack for using words in a situationally appropriate manner, leading some people to believe they have the mentality of a three year old human child. This belief is supported by an ability to problem-solve, as demonstrated by the famous grey parrot, Alex.