Preventive Health Care for Birds

Preventive Health Care for Birds
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Birds are one of America’s most popular pets. Whether you own a pet bird or plan to own one, PREVENTIVE HEALTH CARE FOR PET BIRDS will provide you with the essential information you need to be the best bird owner possible. This helpful reference guide provides information on:

• Which diets are the best
• How to choose the right cage for your bird
• How to furnish and set up the cage so that your bird is comfortable
• How to keep the cage clean
• The importance of water bottles
• What foraging is and why it is important to your bird
• The benefits of full-spectrum lighting to keep your bird healthy

PREVENTIVE HEALTH CARE FOR PET BIRDS also discusses the importance of regular veterinary care and how best to prevent illness and disease in your companion pet bird. You will learn how to recognize the subtle signs of a sick bird, how to assemble a first aid kit, and how to prepare for emergencies such as animal attacks, broken blood feathers, egg binding, and poisoning.

Dr. Greg Burkett is Board Certified in Avian Practice with years of avian veterinary experience and he guides you through the basics of pet bird care and maintenance and allows you to keep your own feathered friend happy and healthy for years to come.