Dusky Conures

Dusky Conures
Item# duskyconures

Aratinga weddellii

Length: 11 inches

Weight: 90-120 grams

Life span: 20-25 years

Age at Weaning: 10-12 weeks

Age at Maturity: 2-3 years

Country of Origin: Much of South America

Temperament: These conures are much easier to handle than most others, as they are typically calmer and less aggressive when removed from the cage. They are still playful, but not to the same degree as their relatives, the Sun and Jenday conures. Though less playful, they also do not have the same powerful voices as their relatives.

Talking Ability: Poor

Noise Level: Low

Cage Requirements: 20" x 20"; bar spacing 1/2" to 5/8"

Interesting Facts: A few times we've had a clutch of three babies or more here at The Birdie Boutique, and we've noticed a peculiarity with this species. Every time we've had the babies, they would perch stacked up in one corner of the cage like a totem pole. This is the only species we've seen do this, and it's happened repeatedly in many different clutches of birds!