Eclectus Parrot

Eclectus Parrot
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Eclectus roratus

Length 14 inches (35 cm)

Weight: 250-325 grams

Life span: 40-50 years

Incubation 28 days

Age at weaning 14 weeks

Age at maturity 3 years

Country of origin New Guinea, South Pacific islands and Australia

Natural habitat Low-lying plains, especially tropical rain forests.

Description Male: Overall color green: underwing coverts and sides of body red; edges of wings blue; tail green above, with blue yellow and white markings and gray below; eyes orange; upper mandible orange; lower mandible black. Female: Overall color red; breast and abdomen with bluish markings; tail feathers reddish with yellow tips; wings brownish red on top; eyes whitish yellow; beak black.

Temperament: These birds make wonderful, affectionate pets, and will learn to talk. They are gentle and mild-mannered, and somewhat shyer than other parrots their size. When they feel comfortable, they are playful, friendly, and easy to tame. Eclectus love to climb and should be provided with sturdy branches in their cage. Unlike most larger parrots, they are not destructive and do not usually engage in regular periods of screaming. Males are gentler, easier to tame, and make the best talkers. Females are more dominant, and some become bossy and nippy at maturity.

Talking ability Good

Noise level Low to moderate

Cage requirements: 24" x 24" with 3/4" or 1" bar spacing

Interesting facts: As both sexes are totally different in color (sexually dimorphic) it was thought for a long time that they were two species, until Dr. A. B. Meiljer of the National Museum of Natural History discovered in 1874 that the males are green and females red. It is also said that eclectus were once worshipped as sacred birds because of their gaudy colors.