Eleanora Cockatoo

Eleanora Cockatoo
Item# elcoc

Cacatua galerita eleonora

Length 15-18 inches

Weight: 275-350 grams

Life span 40+ years

Incubation 28 days

Age at weaning 14-16 weeks

Age at maturity 3 years

Country of origin Aru islands off Indonesia

Natural habitat Savannah, scrub, mallee and woodland, close to water; in pairs during breeding season and flocks the rest ofthe year

Description White body; sulfur crest; pale yellow under wings, tail and around ears; light blue eye ring; iris color changes from pale gray to black (males) or red-brown (female) after the second year.

Temperament Hand-fed cockatoos make exceptionally loving pets. They are both friendly and intelligent, and are very social, affectionate creatures. Natural chewers, cockatoos must be provided with branches or strips of wood. Some birds can be quite noisy, especially during the early morning and evening hours. Eleanora cockatoos may be less prone to developing behavior problems such as feather plucking and screaming than other popular cockatoo species. These birds love to cuddle and play, and can readily be taught to perform tricks.

Talking ability good

Noise level high

Cage requirements 24" x 36" with 3/4", 1" or 1 1/4" bar spacing

Interesting facts: The Eleanora Cockatoo is a sub-species of the greater sulfur-crested cockatoo. The Triton cockatoo who was featured on the TV show "Baretta" known as Fred is also a sub-species of the greater sulfur-crested cockatoo.