Foot Toys

Foot Toys are an important part of your birds play things. Foot Toys provide needed exercise to build and maintain dexterity, balance, and strength. Place foot toys on the bottom of the cage, in your bird's playpen, or anyplace your bird plays. Look for this icon to indicate a foot toy.

Birdie Tip: We recommend that you do not perform such tasks as nail trims and wing feather clips on your own bird. In order to groom birds properly it is necessary to restrain them safely and effectively. Doing this can cause resentment towards you and your bird can become afraid of your hands, too. It is best to allow a professional to handle and groom your bird. Then you can rescue your bird and be the hero.

Bird Brain Information: Parrots have a very specialized type of foot. Its configuration is called zygodactyl. This means that there are two toes pointing forwards, and two toes pointing backwards. Other species that share this characteristic include woodpeckers, owls, and the osprey. This type of foot is adapted to grasping and climbing. I'm sure your parrot holds food and toys in its foot.