Green-cheeked Conure

Green-cheeked Conure
Item# greencon

Pyrrhura molinae

Length 10 inches

Weight 75-90 grams

Life span 10-15 years

Incubation `23 days

Age at weaning 8-10 weeks

Age at maturity 1-2 years

Country of origin Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina

Natural habitat: Light forest and open woodland

Description General green plumage; reddish-brown forehead; crown and nape tinged with green; cheeks are green; ear coverts brown; sides of neck, throat and upper breast pale brown and tinged with green. the top side of the tail is a vibrant maroon.

Temperament This clever conure is extremely active, bold, and curious. Both mischievous and energetic, these chatty little birds can make delightfully spunky pets. They can be nippy and should be provided with a variety of toys to fulfill their activity requirements.

Talking ability Poor

Noise level Moderate; one of the quietest conures

Cage requirements 20 x 20" with 1/2" - 5/8" bar spacing

Interesting facts These small conures have a reputation as being extremely nippy around the time of weaning--don't worry, this stage does pass!