Hahn's Macaws

Hahn's Macaws
Item# hahnsmacaws

Ara nobilis nobilis

Length: 10-12 inches

Weight: 130-150 grams

Life span: 25-35 years

Age at Weaning: 10-14 weeks

Age at Maturity: 2-3 years

Country of Origin: Venezuela to North-Eastern Brazil

Temperament: The Hahn's macaw, though the smallest of the macaws, still acts similar to the larger ones. They are bold and outgoing, and fairly intelligent. They can be taught many tricks, and love to perform for a head scratch or a treat. They can be nippy on occassion, but that can be minimized by daily handling and proper discipline.

Talking Ability: Moderate

Noise Level: Low to Moderate

Cage Requirements: 24" x 24"; bar spacing 5/8"

Interesting Facts: Often confused for Noble Macaws, the Hahn's macaws are actually a smaller species with slightly different coloration.