Handfeeding and Breeder Supplies

Dr. Burkett has developed hand feeding techniques that are second to none, based on his philosophies and training. Dr B recommends that you do not hand feed your own bird.

The Birdie Boutique is experienced in handfeeding many species of birds. These are the supplies we use and recommend for nursery management. In addition, we are professional aviculturalists and have extensive experience breeding more than 30 species of pet birds.

Birdie Tip: We recommend that you do not hand feed your own bird. It is not true that a bird will bond better to you if you hand feed it. For a better explanation please read this article on our site -To wean or not to wean...

Bird Brain Information: The tongue of birds displays an enormous variety of dietary adaptations. Parrots are the only species that have true intrinsic tongue muscles. This means that the muscles that move the tongue are located within the tongue. They also have muscles outside of the tongue proper that attach to the hyoid apparatus.