Hand Painted Walls make you feel like you are in the jungle.

Hand Painted Walls
Hand Painted Walls
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Hand Painted Walls
And all of the tropical sounds made by the birds make you believe it.

Birdie Tip: Play music or the television for your bird. It is a good way for birds to learn new words and it is a simple way to provide some companionship.

Bird Brain Information: Bird nails are curved because the top (dorsal) part of the claw grows faster than the sole (ventral) part.

Budgie Mural
We love the budgies! We think everyone should be owned by one!
Lovebird Wall
These lovebirds are not intimidated by the caique on a nearby perch.
Lovebird Wall lovebirdwall
Lory, Senegal, and more
Lory, Senegal, and more lorsenandmor
Green-winged Mural
Green-winged Mural greenmur
Entance into the toy room
A thatched-roof canopy shades the entrance into the room we display our hundreds of toys.