Jardine's Parrot

Jardine's Parrot
Item# jardinesparrot

Poicephalus gulielmi

Length 11 inches

Weight 200-250 grams

Life span 20-25 years

Incubation 26 days

Age at weaning 12-14 weeks

Age at maturity 2-3 years

Country of origin Central Africa

Natural habitat Primarily mountain forests up to around 12,000 feet; occasionally found in tropical forests in the plains and on coffee plantations.

Description Overall color green; forehead, bend of wing and thighs orange; head and back feathers black with dark green margins; lores, large wing feathers and tail black. Young birds have gray eyes and lack orange markings; male adults have red eyes, females are brown.

Temperament One of the larger Poicephalus species, these birds are quiet, playful and enjoy being handled. They are well suited to the average family, but some have strong reactions to stress. They should be moved around the house so they are comfortable in all areas, and handled by several different people or they may become one person birds. Their relatively small size makes them a good choice of pet for the apartment dweller.

Talking ability Moderate to good

Noise level low

Cage requirements: 24" x 24" with 5/8" to 3/4" bar spacing

Interesting facts: Poi means different, cephalus means head. Each member of the Poicephalus family has a different color head than their body.