Beak Conditioning

Beak conditioners work to remove excess keratin on the beak, often described as a crack in the beak. Keratin overgrowth can develop into infections with fungi and bacteria permanently damaging the beak. Flavored & natural cuttlebone and mineral blocks only provides a small amount of calcium, but can help to condition beaks.

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PT Cuttlebone Twin Pack Small
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Keratin on the beak is shed from the outer surface of the beak, while being replaced from underneath by new keratin. Occasionally these old layers are not completely molted or shed which leads to thickening on the outer surface of the beak, known as hyperkeratosis. It is often referred to as a crack on the beak.
Birds can't get enough of Bird Kabobs!
Made from the Yucca plant, Bird Kabobs provide the perfect material to remove the built up keratin and maintain the beak to prevent future build up.. They are soft and inviting to be chewed, and they are coarsely fibrous which gives the abrasive quality.