Maximillian's Pionus

Maximillian's Pionus
Item# maxpion

Pionus maximiliani

Length 11 inches

Weight 225 - 275 grams

Life span 30 - 40 years

Incubation 26 days

Age at weaning 10 - 12 weeks

Age at maturity 3 years

Country of origin Brazil through Bolivia and Paraguay to northern Argentina

Natural habitat Light forest and open woodland; may be found in pairs or small flocks

Description Green head feathers edged with blue; blue-violet throat band; forehead and lores dark gray:, red undertail coverts; scaly head, white eye ring, eyes brown

Temperament The Maximilian's Pionus seems to have one of the nicest pet bird personalities. According to one breeder, "if ever there were a perfect pet parrot, the Pionus species certainly comes close to it." They are wonderful for first-time pet parrot owners, or those who want to graduate to a larger bird. Pionus are ideal family birds, since they may be handed by several people and maintain their sweet disposition. They are not noisy birds and do not chew excessively, making them appropriate for apartment dwellers or those concerned about noise.

Talking ability Moderate to good

Noise level Low

Cage requirements: 24" x 24" with 3/4" bar spacing

Interesting facts In the wild, several Pionus species come from high-altitude forests that are low in airborne mold. Many of these Pionus were plagued with the fungus Aspergilus when the birds were first imported. The plum-crowned Pionus was especially sensitive to aspergillosis when imported in the early 1980's, and this is considered the main reason for the demise of this species in captivity.