Moustached Parakeet

Moustached Parakeet
Item# mouspar

Psittacula alexandri

Length: 13 inches

Weight: 100-130 grams

Life span: 20-25 years

Age at Weaning: 12-14 weeks

Age at Maturity: 2-3 years

Country of Origin: Northern India, Southeast Asia, Bali and Java

Temperament: Though they come from a fairly reserved family, these birds are outgoing and playful, and do well with regular handling. They can be a bit bossy and aggressive if not disciplined appropriately, but they can still make good first birds. They are very intelligent, and need a good size cage with plenty of toys to prevent boredom.

Talking Ability: Moderate

Noise Level: Moderate

Cage Requirements: 20" x 24"; bar spacing 5/8"

Interesting Facts: In most subspecies of Moustached Parakeets, the males have red beaks and the females have black.