Medium Bird Toys

Medium Birds Include:
Poicephalus: Senegals, Red-bellied parrots, Brown-headed parrots, Meyer's
Conures: Suns, Jendays, Nandays, Blue-crowneds
Mini Macaws: Hahn's, Noble's, Ring-neckeds, Quakers, Pionus, Timnehs, and similar sized birds.

Birdie Tip: Bathing your bird is easy and fun. There are several options. You can take them into the shower with you. There are shower perches to make this easier. You can spray them with a water mister. You can also give them a flat-bottomed dish to splash in. You should try all of these to see which method your bird prefers. We carry shower perches and a great spray bottle called The Birdie Mister. If you are interested in either of these items, please send us an email request at

Bird Brain Information: Birds have a common area at the termination of the intestinal tract. The area is called the cloaca. It receives excretions from the intestines, the urinary system, and the reproductive system. The feces, from the intestines, and the urates and urine from the kidneys, are all excreted into the cloaca and passed out of the vent - usually onto your shoe or shirt. Poop Happens!