Red-bellied Parrot

Red-bellied Parrot
Item# redpar

Poicephalus rufiventris

Length 9 inches

Weight 115 - 125 grams

Life Span 20-25 years

Incubation 22 days

Age at weaning 12 weeks

Age at maturity 2 years

Country of origin Central eastern Africa

Natural habitat: Forested plains. Birds go on foraging excursions to sparsely wooded savannas and to open country.

Description Overall color grayish brown; males have bright orange-red breasts and abdomen while hens have only a hint of orange coloring; the eyes of young birds are dark, changing to orange in adults.

Temperament Like the other small Poicephalus species, these birds are playful and enjoy being handled. They are very good talkers and mimics, and easily learn to perform tricks. Energetic and bold, these parrots enjoy a variety of toys and exercising on a playpen. These devoted birds should be handled by a variety of people to avoid their becoming one person birds. They are also well suited for apartment dwelling due to their small size and quiet nature.

Talking ability Good - Excellent

Noise level Low

Cage requirements 20 x 24 inches with 5/8" to 3/4" bar spacing

Interesting facts These relatively small parrots seem to be unaware of their size and have been known to attack much larger birds and other household pets such as dogs and cats.