You do not need to add vitamins or mineral supplements to our foods. To add to your birds overall eating experience; you may add fresh fruits and/or vegetables in a separate food cup. After opening the bag, transfer the contents into a plastic storage container that has a good air-tight lid. Do not use metal storage containers to store the food.

Scenic Bird Food is a division of Marion Zoological, which was founded in 1985 by Jim Goetz and a collaboration of exceptional researchers, scientists, and exotic animal caretakers. Scenic Bird Food is the exotic animal diet originally developed for zoos. In 1987 Scenic Bird Food became the first extruded diet available to the public.
All Scenic Bird Foods are extruded diets. Extruded foods are like pellets but with significant differences. They are light and crunchy, not hard, and usually are manufactured in a variety of sizes an shapes.

Our foods when fed dry can stay in your birds' food cups for several days. If you moisten the food then you need to remove it daily. The storage of our food is simple. Store the food in a cool, dry location like a pantry shelf.

Birdie Tip: To control moth problems, it is a good idea to freeze new bags of seeds for 24 hours. This will kill the moths in the bag and prevent the larvae from hatching.

Bird Brain Information: Feathers on the face of an owl forms the facial disc that is an effective sound reflector similar to a man cupping his hands behind his ears.