Timneh African Grey

Timneh African Grey
Item# timafgrey

Psittacus erithacus timneh

Length 12 inches

Weight: 235 - 275 grams

Life span 40+ years

Incubation 27 days

Age at weaning 14 weeks

Age at maturity 3 years

Country of origin Equatorial Africa

Natural habitat Forested plains

Description Gray body and wings; maroon tail feathers; bare skin patch around eyes; horn colored upper beak

Temperament These highly intelligent and talkative birds make better family pets than Congo greys, as they are less inclined to bond strictly to one person. Much like the Congos in other respects, Timnehs require regular interaction with their owners and prefer to live in a household that is run by strict routine and is relatively quiet.

Talking ability Excellent

Noise level Low - Moderate

Cage requirements 24" x 24" with 3/4" bar spacing

Interesting facts Many people have chosen the larger African Grey, the Congo, because of the flashy red tail, a good reputation for speaking and because of being a larger bird. I would like to point out, however, that you are missing out by not having a Timneh. these birds are great, the speak well, and are not at all like the Congo.