Yellow-backed Chattering Lory

Yellow-backed Chattering Lory
Item# yelchatlor

Lorius garrulus

Length: 12-13 inches

Weight: 160-180 grams

Life span: 30-35 years

Age at Weaning: 12-14 weeks

Age at Maturity: ~2-3 years

Country of Origin: Molluccan islands, Indonesia

Temperament: This type of lory is very active and clingy with their owners, and spend much of their days playing inside their cages. They are not ordinarily aggressive, and not very destructive, as their beaks are very soft. Lories are known to play on their backs and hang upside-down in their cages. They are messy, but their outgoing personality more than makes up for it.

Talking Ability: Moderate

Noise Level: Moderate

Cage Requirements: 24" x 24"; bar spacing 5/8"

Interesting Facts: Many national parks in Indonesia and Australia, where Lories are found, have places for Lory feeding. These places supply nectar for adventurous travelers who would like to see the Lories up close. Within minutes, the person is covered in Lories trying to find something to eat. At least a dozen of these places exist, each with many types of Lories and Lorikeets.