ZuPreem Diets are nutritious diets designed to meet all the accepted nutrient requirements for maintenance of various types of psittacines (hookbills) and passerines (softbills). The diets provide balanced nutrition and require no supplements. ZuPreem offers the same formulation in two varieties FruitBlend Flavor and Natural both available in five nugget sizes specifically designed for different sizes of birds.

Zupreem AvianMaintenance Natural Large Parrot 20lb
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Whether they're living in the wild, or in zoos, or as pets, exotic birds have fascinated people since time began. Maybe we're intrigued with the macaw's flashy colors, the canary's lovely song, the African Grey's gift of gab, or the budgie's affectionate nature. Whatever the reason, these beautiful creatures require high-quality nutrition, precisely formulated for every stage of their lives. ZuPreem can provide the nutrition.

Birdie Tip: Place a silk plant on or near your finches' cage. This makes them feel more secure by providing a hiding place. You can do the same for your parrot. Put a large silk plant next to the cage and your bird will be able to have some private time.

Bird Brain Information: Bird lungs are very different from other animals. Mammals have blind end sacs and the air goes in and out. In birds, there are no blind sacs. The tubes in the lungs are open on each end and air flows one way through most of the tubes.