Natural Branches

Natural branches provide the variety if shape and texture that is vital to healthy parrot feet. Do not risk your birds' health by using branches from outside. These can be toxic and can spread disease such as parasites and viruses to your birds.

There are many safe choices of natural branches that we have available. If you need help deciding which size is best for your bird, please let us know, we are happy to help.

The types of natural branches we offer are:
Bamboo - has a very smooth surface, but the underside of each perch has a pedicure surface to aid in gripping and nail care.
Cholla wood - this is actually the skeleton of a Southwestern species of cactus. Provides excellent grip with a comfortable texture. Perfect for putting in front of water bottles. Excellent for using in carriers and travel cages. This is a softer wood and is easily chewed.
Cajeput - The cajeput tree (cage-e-put) is also known as the paperbark tree due to itís soft, layered outer bark. The branches of the cajeput tree are ideally suited for bird perches. Branches have a very hard, long lasting wood core, with a fun, shreddable outer bark that birds love to chew.
Dragonwood - is a hardwood that mostly grows in the deep Southeast of North America. It has easy-peel bark that is very thin, but the wood core is very hard.
Grapewood - is another hardwood perch, but has a more irregular shape. It is not a smooth-barked wood, but has the texture of hard suede. Grapewood provides a sure grip and varying sizes for comfort and exercise.
Java is the favorite branch of Dr. B. It has a very irregular shape, similar to the grapewood, but has a smooth bark. The wood is some of the hardest available.
Manzanita - is also one of the hardest woods. It has a smooth, dark distinctive bark.

PT Manzanita Perch Small
PT Manzanita Perch Medium
PT Manzanita Perch Large
PT Manzanita Forked Small
PT Manzanita Forked Medium
PT Manzanita Forked Large
SBC Sure-Grip Y-Perch Small
Regular price: $15.99
Sale price: $12.99
SBC Sure-Grip Y-Perch Medium
Regular price: $20.99
Sale price: $18.88
SBC Sure-Grip Y-Perch Large
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Sale price: $21.70
SBC Sure-Grip Perch Small
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SBC Sure-Grip Perch Medium
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SBC Sure-Grip Perch Large
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SBC Sure-Grip Perch X-Large
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Polly's Pet Products Hardwood Perch Large
Polly's Pet Products Hardwood Perch Small
Polly's Pet Products Hardwood Perch Extra Large
Polly's Pet Products Hardwood Perch Extra Small
Dragonwood Perch Straight<BR>0.5-1" diameter x 10-12" long
Dragonwood Perch Straight<BR>1-1.75" diameter x 15-18" long
Dragonwood Perch Straight<BR>1.75-2.25" diameter x 18-20: long
Dragonwood Perch Branched<BR>0.5-1" diameter x 10-12" long
Dragonwood Perch Branched<BR>1-1.75" diameter x 15-18" long
Dragonwood Perch Branched<BR>1.75-2.25" diameter x 18-20: long
Dragonwood T Perch Large
Dragonwood Perch Double Bolt 24"
Dragonwood Perch Double Bolt 32"
Dragonwood Perch Double Bolt 36"
Dragonwood Perch Double Bolt 48"
Birdie Tip: We recommend against using branches from your yard. You will be exposing your bird to pathogens such as bacterial and fungi ans well as parasites such as mites; and there may be a risk of toxins such as insecticides and herbicides.

Bird Brain Information: There is a special structure in the eyes of birds called the pecten. The pecten is thought to provide nutrients to the inside of the eyeball.