Perches, Swings, and Ladders:
Variety is very important!

Your bird should have several different perches in the cage. We recommend that you provide a natural branch such as manzanita or dragonwood, a cement pedicure perch, and a rope Bungie.

Providing a variety of shapes and textures keeps your birds feet strong and flexible, and will prevent bumblefoot.

Birdie Tip:Use a pedicure perch as the highest perch in the cage. This will ensure that your bird sleeps on it so the nails stay dull and at a normal length without the need for trimming. Nail trimming can be a needless and bad experience for the bird and the owner.

Bird Brain Information: In hovering flight, as in hummingbirds, the body is held almost vertical in position and the wings beat actively backwards and forwards up to 200 times per second producing lift in both strokes.