Pedicure Perches

The texture of pedicure perches stimulate epithelial cell growth of the soles of the feet and protects form bumblefoot. These perches also keep nails naturally trim and dull.

Pedicure perches are a vital part of any cage set up for pet birds. These perches are designed to keep nails trimmed naturally. Think of never needing to clip nails again with the worry of hitting the quick and making your bird bleed.

The roughness of these perches are also important in preventing bumblefoot leasions. The myth is that these perches cause feet problems. Quite the contrary, they can even treat and cure some mild cases of bumblefoot.

Pedicure perches need to placed as the highest perch in the cage. Your bird will sleep on the highest perch and the nails will stay trimmed naturally.

Birdie Tip: Place the pedicure perch as the highest perch in the cage. Here your bird will sleep and the perch will do what it was designed to do.

Bird Brain Information: Birds have two different chambers to the stomach and a storage area called the crop. One part of the stomach, the proventriculus, is the site of enzymatic digestion, where gastric juices are produced. The ventriculus, also known as the gizzard, is the site of mechanical digestion. This organ grinds the food with powerful muscles.
An absolute must for every cage. It is a myth that these perches cause harm. In fact, they prevent bumblefoot lesions, and in some cases, Dr. Burkett has treated minor cases of bumblefoot by prescribing a pedicure perch.

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