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Our award winning parrot specialty store is owned and operated by a Board Certified Avian Veterinarian with over 25 years experience breeding and raising birds.

We carry a full line of pet bird care products with several hundred of the items not represented here on our on-line store.

We also provide boarding services where your bird gets treats twice daily and comes out to play every day. Some birds may not even want to go home. :)

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Birdie Tip: Protect your bird from bacterial and fungal infections by lining their cage bottom with paper instead of litters such as corn cob and shavings. These items grow molds and bacteria that can infect you and your bird. Litters also are very dusty and can irritate respiratory tracts.

Bird Brain Information: The order of birds known as Procelleriformes, includes the albatross and storm petrel, have a large olfactory region of the brain. This gives them a keen sense of smell. In fact these particular birds can detect odors up to 12km (20 miles) away. Pigeons also have a good sense of smell. They even use olfaction as a method of navigation.


Any cage other than the carrying cages available on this site are special orders. Come into the retail store to ask about your options or call us at
(919) 490-3001.